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What is well-being?

Well-being includes the presence of positive emotions and moods (e.g., contentment, happiness), the absence of negative emotions (e.g., depression, anxiety), satisfaction with life, fulfillment and positive functioning.

Laughing Yoga
Yoga on Deck


Mindfulness is a practice of consciously and deliberately bringing one’s attention to the present moment. It is usually achieved by focusing on the flow of your breath- mentally visualising your breath going in and out. Mindfulness can be thought of as a self-regulating practice that seems simple but is very challenging to achieve.


Meditation Sessions

One of the easiest ways to achieve a peaceful conscious state is by sitting in a

comfortable position on the ground with hands on the knees facing the sky. Next comes the main catch of this technique- focusing on your breath. This can either be done in the traditional way by closing your eyes and mentally watching your breath or by using a candle and focusing on the tip of the flame. 


Yoga Sessions

Yoga sessions are integrated alongwith meditation sessions. Yoga postures are practiced to align, strengthen and flexibity of the body. A wide variety of series of postures are included over a number of sessions.


“Your well-being must never become an afterthought. It must be your first act.”

- Rasheed Ogunlaru

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