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Employee Assistance Program




Of employees worldwide say work contributes significantly to their stress levels

Of employees worldwide report feeling burnt out or stressed through out the day


Of employees worldwide report that they feel less productive because of stress

The complex, uncertain environment that we live in today causes inevitable stress. The majority of the time, one tends to not address it.


Vijayash wants to change that by being the First Point of Contact and helping employees resolve their concerns before they snowball into a Physical or Mental Illness.


Vijayash offers a Private & Confidential platform, to boost the productivity of your organization by redefining employee wellness.

        Our Counselling sessions are  
1. 40 minutes in duration, at least 4 times a month.

Things we can help you with:


Job Insecurity


Reduced Absenteeism and Increased Productivity


Lack of Job Satisfaction


Spillover from Personal Life


Job Concentration and Boredom

Do you feel you lose your Saturdays and Sundays dreading Monday mornings? Difficulty coming up with new ideas at work because you feel understimulated in your job. We all wish for good rewards, interesting and challenging work, strong professional relationships but we may not always have it all.

Working a new job or a job role can cause adjustment issues. The isolation that industry professionals can feel when away from home, the pressure to quickly adjust to new teams, and the need for communication can cause tremendous anxiety.

Monotonous working can cause a negative impact on our mental health leading to major stress, poor judgement and lack of goal-directed planning.

Longer working hours, less time spent with friends and family can make one feel isolated and drained. It could also cause job burnout causing unnecessary delays, lack of initiative etc.

Certain issues in our personal life can take a toll on our work. Even when we want to perform our best at work, the stress from a family discord can eat away our productivity.

Don't feel like going to work or giving your hundred per cent because you feel burnt out or stressed out?

High job stress can lead to mismanagement, missing deadlines, and even difficulty in personal life. 

Sustaining a job that makes you feel powerless, difficulty in finding the job best suited for you or quitting a job because of a mismatch in expectations can cause tremendous stress.

How motivated are you at work? Find out with our Employee Motivation Assessment. Take the test 

Post-implementation of an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)


Improvement in work morale & motivation.


Improvement in work-life management


A staggering 86% improvement was found with regard to emotional well-being.

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