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Priyadarshini Tripathi


M.A (Clinical psychology)

Counselling psychologist, proficient in crisis counselling, career counselling, geriatric counselling, family counselling, couple counselling, relaxation therapy, stress and anxiety coping.


Having done my master in clinical psychology, my experience include training at various prestigious institutes of India. I started my journey as an intern in Cadabams rehabilitation Centre, Bangalore. There and I got an opportunity to interact and observe cases of various neurotic and psychotic disorders like OCD, schizophrenia. I also did my internship at Moolchand Hospital New Delhi.

My work experience also includes clinics like the mind and wellness clinic,  VIMHANS Niyati Hospital, Udyam trust.


The approach that I choose is eclectic but my major focus is on positive psychology because I believe that a lot of things can be healed from a spiritual basis and concepts like mindfulness.

Language Preferences- English & Hindi

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