Work-Life Balance During WFH

The last 2 years have turned our houses into workplaces and this has not only affected the individuals physically but also the mental health of the person because we all had a tough time fulfilling the responsibility of the house as well as meeting our professional commitments. This resulted in mental imbalances in the life of most working professionals. As we all know the situation of work from home is still in our lives and we need to learn work-life balance during WFH. First, let's look at how Work from home has affected the individual mentally and physically.

Effects Of Work From Home on Mental and Physical Health

Work From Home has resulted in tiredness, lack of sleep appetite issues, back pains, eyesight issues etc. Not only the physical issues but several mental health issues were faced by the individual. The mental issues included the issues of feeling helpless, guilty, and hopelessness which now not only resulted in a gradual delay in work outputs and also became difficult for the individual to find work-life balance during work from home. We don't have to stress about the situation but find ways to balance our work life.

Some ways to balance your work life during the situation of work from home.

What the individual can do to balance their work from home period without affecting their mental and physical health.

  • Take a break away from your workstation in the house -The individual must try to have their lunch break away from the working table to peacefully enjoy the lunch and avoid the thought of your pending work. This will help them to get back to the work with a fresh mind and increase positive outputs in the work.

  • Get ready for work the same way you used to for your offline work- When working be ready for it the same way you did before the COVID period. It will help you to have a feeling of office and you can get your hands on the work in an easy way.

  • Make plans for your after-work hours -Plan your day after the work from home hours and indulge yourself in some fun activities to have a fresh start to finish the responsibilities of your own home.

  • Take proper rest- It is really necessary to have proper rest and relax your mind and body to keep them ready for the next day.

  • Take proper diet- A balanced diet not only helps to help your body to function properly but also keeps the mind fresh and active to function effectively.

Add these steps into your daily routine and you will be back to your happy self and you can easily find Work-Life Balance during WFH. Adding to this mental health issues are not to be hidden if you encounter any issues or you find any of the family members struggling with the same, feel free to contact the mental health professionals. As we all know our mind is the best friend but it can also become the worst enemy.



Purvi K

Purvi K is a 21 year old poet and author who has published one poetry book Lafzo Se Kalam Tak Ka Safar and a fiction book called "Let's sail the friendship". She completed her bachelor's in psychology from Zakir Hussain Delhi college and wants to pursue a master's in psychology. She loves to listen to music and make new tunes in her free time.She also writes theatre plays, short stories, and lyrics for different independent production houses and YouTube channels.

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