How can Career Guidance help Motivate your Child to pursue their Dreams?

Fear. Uncertainty. Confusion. Anxiety. These are some words that describe a student's agitation about the career they should go ahead with or the stream they should choose. Do you see your child struggling with the same disarray and feel helpless? Worry not! Out of many emerging alternatives, career guidance has been making headlines for quite a bit now. Not only does it resolve problems related to different careers, but becomes a gateway to motivate your child to pursue their dreams - whatever they may be.

So, what is career guidance? In simple words, it is a helping process by which individuals gain insight into occupational choices and make decisions based on adequate knowledge. It further helps in reaching an in-depth understanding of different careers, which aids in meeting the demands of the future in a highly competitive world.

Career guidance can prove to be a boon for your child as it paves a smoother road by clearing out all doubts and confusion. A student has to recognize and choose from a plethora of options which opens the Pandora's box of never-ending problems. They don't know if they should pursue their education from India or UK? If they should go with commerce or arts. Students fall into a deep slumber. Everything seems arduous, distant, and instead of a future, a lacuna takes place where dreams should have been. These are a few of the generic problems that a career guide deals with on a daily basis. Therefore, if you see your child in the same boat, it's time you consider career guidance.

A career guide advises from a place of learning and experience. They know the diverse opportunities and requirements catering to each field. Once they meet your child, they will recognize your ward's wishes, caliber and recommend ways to reach their desired destination. Career guidance will make the haze clear up, so your child gets out of the slumber and is motivated to accomplish all that they have dreamt of, along with taking the steps in the right direction. Direction is always more important than speed.

To conclude, career guidance has both short and long-term benefits. It saves you from spending a hefty amount on a wrong course or career by making an informed decision. It's the right time to move away from the herd mentality and explore miscellaneous available options. Don't let your child suffocate, explore and let them fly high!


Pragya Khari

Meet Pragya! She is the wordsmith here. She is a people person who likes to know about different lives, explore new disciplines and fields. Moreover, she is a psychology graduate, looking forward to making a career in the said field whilst enveloped in reading, writing, and researching. She hopes to leave an impact and provide value through her work.

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