Benefits of Counselling

Is life being hard again? Do you feel the need to isolate or run away? What should one do when life pours lemons? One should collect those lemons and reach out for support! This support can be in any form and the most preferred one being counselling.

What is counselling? In layman's terms, it is the support you get to deal with your problems effectively. Counselling is extremely beneficial for mental health.

Enhancement in self-esteem: More than half of us suffer from self-esteem issues and insecurity about miscellaneous features and abilities in ourselves. Counselling helps us accept ourselves and fosters growth.

Self-Acceptance: With many insights, comes a time of acceptance. Counselling makes it easier to accept our flaws, imperfections, things we are conscious or unaware and accept ourselves.

Provides Validation & Support: A basic principle of counselling is to provide unconditional positive regard, therefore, it provides the required validation and support.

Change in self-defeating behaviors: Counselling also sorts out a plan to change behaviors that let you down or stress you out. Counsellors try to work out routines and habit that would be beneficial in the long term and tackle behaviors that pull you back.

Improved communication and Emotional expression: Counselling is a safe vessel for catharsis. You are allowed to be messy, chaotic, and imperfect yet your therapist will understand and articulately put your words back to you. This growth environment will lead to improved communication and emotional expression of your needs.

Relief from mental health conditions: The last on the list and the most obvious one is that going to a therapist gives relief from mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, loss, and more. Clinical psychologists are specifically trained to deal with mental health problems in an appropriate manner. It’s important to visit them when you feel your health declining. Our physiology is directly related to our psychology, therefore to have a healthy body, it becomes essential to have a healthy mind.

To conclude, these were few of the many reasons to visit a counsellor. However, it is not necessary to always have a problem or a reason, you can go and figure out things you feel confused about or for general haziness in life.

Have you ever considered counselling or considering going for one after reading this blog? Don’t know where to go? Reach out to us! Mental health at Vijayash is affordable, accessible, and convenient!


Pragya Khari

Meet Pragya! She is the wordsmith here. She is a people person who likes to know about different lives, explore new disciplines and fields. Moreover, she is a psychology graduate, looking forward to making a career in the said field whilst enveloped in reading, writing, and researching. She hopes to leave an impact and provide value through her work.

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