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Over the last couple of years, Mr Deepak Jain, Director of Vijayash Well-Being and Counselling Centre, faced several lows in both his personal and professional life. He found himself feeling anxious about the uncertainty and the fleeting nature of success in life. Upon reflecting on these struggles, he realised that the ups and downs are the very nature of our existence. 


“People suggested me endless ways to overcome my pain, but I knew that those things were not going to help me conquer it, that’s when I started reading about holistic well-being. I started practising yoga, mindfulness and meditation. I also met a psychologist who helped put my anxieties to rest" says Mr Jain.


He wanted to change his situation not just for himself but for other as well. He wanted to share it with the world and so he took early retirement and dedicated all his time and energy into providing mental health care to society. 


As he dug deeper into the mental health industry, he realised that despite the availability of multiple such services, most people were still unable to attend therapy as they found it expensive. That’s when he decided to create a one-stop solution for all mental health needs that caters to all individuals coming from different socio-economic backgrounds. 


He established an organisation in April of 2015, called Vijayash Foundation, a non-profit organisation to help relieve the suffering of society. 


“I found that while the NGO was serving some people well, its reach was limited due to the lack of resources. I wanted to reach a larger audience" recalls Mr Jain. “That is when I thought of starting a private organisation, which will fund itself and reach people at a much larger scale.”


Even though Vijayash Well-Being and Counselling Centre is a private start-up, Mr Jain has made sure to make mental health support accessible, affordable and convenient, targeting both the rural and urban population. His organisation provides support to students, individuals, couples and families. 


“I want more people to genuinely benefit through self-development techniques offered by our well-being coaches as well as psychologists on board at Vijayash. I want to destigmatise therapy and make it easy for others to seek support," says Mr Jain. 


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