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Adithya Hande

Naturopathy & Yoga Physician

Graduated from One of the finest Naturopathic & yogic Sciences Colleges, I look for the challenges and try to dig deep into the ways of treating the body & mind as one unit. 

I have worked under many reputed institutes, such as S-Vyasa Bangalore as a Junior Research fellow, however, I was not able to quench the thirst for knowledge so I took up the ways of allopathic practice to understand the essentials of medications to change the approach of medicine, and served in the rural villages of Uttara Kannada.

With a major goal of integration & a holistic approach, I came back to Bangalore & worked with a collaborative mindset with Ayurvedic Doctors & Pursued Psychology. I now counsel people in lifestyle & healthful aspects. ​

Language Preferences- English, Kannada, Hindi

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