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About Us

Vijayash Well-Being and Counselling Centre is a social initiative to promote the quality of life of individuals with the vision of creating a positive social impact.

The organisation is founded by Mr Deepak Jain, a Company Secretary and a Motivational Speaker. 

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Over the last couple of years, Mr Deepak Jain, Director of Vijayash Well-Being and Counselling Centre, faced several lows in both his personal and professional life. He found himself feeling anxious about the uncertainty and the fleeting nature of success in life. Upon reflecting on these struggles, he realised that the ups and downs are the very nature of our existence. He is the best counsellor for mental health in East Delhi.


“People suggested me endless ways to overcome my pain, but I knew that those things were not going to help me conquer it, that’s when I started reading about holistic well-being. I started practising yoga, mindfulness and meditation. I also met a psychologist who helped put my anxieties to rest" says Mr Jain.


He wanted to change his situation not just for himself but for others as well. He wanted to share it with the world and so he took early retirement and dedicated all his time and energy into providing mental health care to society. 


Vijayash Well-Being and Counselling Centre is a multidisciplinary, holistic & well-being focused Mental Health Organisation in East Delhi. We offer Counselling, Psychotherapy and Well-Being services that are tailor-made to suit personal needs. Our team consists of experts in the field of Clinical, Counselling, Child, Industrial/Organisational Psychology, Well-Being Coaches and Motivational Speakers experienced in managing a range of concerns faced by individuals, children, couples, families, educational and workspace institutions at every stage of development. 

Vijayash Foundation, a sister concern of Vijayash Well-Being, is a Learning and Development Organization founded in April 2015. 


The foundation has conducted multiple well-being sessions, webinars, and seminars in various Schools, Colleges, Skill Centres, NGOs, Professional Institutions, Government and Private Organizations, etc. to promote mental and physical health through Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Soft Skills Training and many more activities. Vijayash Well-Being is one of the top psychotherapist in Delhi


Please note that we are not a crisis intervention centre and will not be able to
provide immediate assistance during an emergency. Please contact your local emergency services when you feel like your or somebody else's life is in danger.

If you have severe symptoms or have thought about harming yourself, please seek immediate medical help or call suicide prevention helplines such as Sanjivini on Phone: 01140769002, 01141092787, 01124311918

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